His Cape is Sexy

Get your old Hendrix records out, kids; Marvel has gone psychedelic with the mad and mystic ‘Doctor Strange’, which marks a gigantic expansion of what’s already been established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe whilst being a singularly great movie in and of itself. That’s no small task, but ‘Doctor Strange’ really is something to behold. … Continue reading His Cape is Sexy

Don’t Breathe

It’s kind of noteworthy that we’ve been in a glut when it comes to decent horror thats only been corrected recently; we had ‘The Witch’ earlier in the year, which was excellent, and we also had ‘Goodnight Mommy’, which was equally excellent. So following the trend of “finally, decent horror movies” is ‘Don’t Breathe’, the … Continue reading Don’t Breathe

Eat This!

‘Sausage Party’ is to Disney/Pixar what ‘Avenue Q’ is to ‘Sesame Street’; a parody of the Pixar formula of anthropomorphizing everyday objects whilst mining their tendency to go out of their way to avoid the darker or more adult implications of the premise. ‘Sausage Party’ gains a lot of its humour by opting to lean … Continue reading Eat This!

Pledge Allegiance

It appears to be cosmically noteworthy that ‘The Purge’ series is gradually getting better; the first movie was a dire and lifeless slasher horror that squandered one of the most fertile movie ideas in forever as a get out of jail free card for why nobody ever calls the cops. The second movie, ‘The Purge: … Continue reading Pledge Allegiance